Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Random Pics Of Miniatures

As promised in a previous post, here are some pictures of some of my completed miniatures.

Steam Powered Zombie
More Steam Powered Zombies

A Stitch Thrall
A Pair of Pistol Wraiths

My Fantasycon Experience

What better way to spend a weekend that in a hotel in Brighton with a load of fantasy fans, authors and publishers. So Cathy and I did, by attending Fantasycon 2011 in the blazing heat of last weekend.

This was only our 2nd Con, and the first one away from home. Our first, Eastercon this year, was held within travelling distance of home, although that did mean us leaving at about 8 each evening to make sure we got home. This time, we hoped to engage in that age old Con tradition of staying up late drinking in the bar!