Sunday, 30 December 2012

Looking Ahead

Its that time of year where we all take stock of the year past and look forward to a new year. Personally, I don't do the whole reflecting on the past thing too well, so instead I'll concentrate on 2013.

I think the motto for 2013 should be to do more.

As regular readers will note, I'm not the most frequent blogger, however I'm full of ideas and really should write more. So, as well as my painting blogs, I'm going to try and write more about books, films and other random stuff.

I really want to get more gaming in. While the Warmahordes weekends are highlights of my year, for the amount of models I have I don't get that much use out of them. Unfortunately the 2 local war gaming clubs to me meet on my only other day of gaming, so I'll need an alternative plan!

And perhaps, it should go without saying, but I need to do more painting! I think this year I have painted the most I have ever done, but I can and should do better. Not only do I have a load more Warmachine/Hordes stuff that needs painting, but I have 40K, Fantasy and Dropzone Commander armies that need finishing, as well as the boxes of random models I've collected over the years.

Well that's the plan, lets see how well it goes!