Friday, 22 June 2012

15pt Army Challenge - Another Army Down

Hot on the heals of my completed Harbringer, I've finally put the finishing touches on the Skorne, graduating them to a finished 15pt force.
I'll be honest and say there are elements on the models I'm still not happy with. I have real problems painting flesh tones, and the Skorne flesh colours have given me twice the issues. Hopefully I'll master it and go back to improve them, but for now they are table-top quality. Also, I'm wanting to do some free hand on the banners, but have yet to decide what.
Of course, they all aren't based yet either, that's another job to do.

However, I'm going to call the complete and move on.

Next up to complete really has to be the Menoth, building on my recent success with the Harbringer. To complete that army, I'm looking at painting a minimum unit of Zealots, Unit Attachment, a Crusader and Repenter. This should be fun!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Harbringer of Menoth

Its been nearly a month since I posted I had made a start on my Harbringer of Menoth. Well, I'm happy to announce I've finally finished her!!

 Appologies for the poor background, I need to get a better photographing setup for this sort of thing.

I've been working on her to the exclusion of everything else, but its still taken me a while to get it finished to a level I'm happy with. I've previously had problems painting my Menoth as I've not been able to get the hang of painting the white on armour plates. Cloth I don't find as bad, but I've never quite known how to apply the shades to armour plates. I'm very pleased how the armour on her has come out, and hope I can apply that to the warjacks I've got waiting.

Next step for the Menoth army is the horde of Zealots and the Warjacks. Of those, I think the Warjacks are going to cause me the most problems. I've painted and stripped my Crusader about 4 times now, but I'm hoping a new take on painting white will help now.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Warmahordes Info from Lock and Load

In Britain we are celebrating our monarch's diamond jubilee with a 4 day weekend and rain!

However, over in America, Privateer Press is hosting their gaming convention Lock and Load, where they are letting out a lot of cool information regarding their up coming releases for Warmachine and Hordes.

Can you guess where I'd rather be?

Anyway, I've been searching the internet for all the little titbits of information I can that is getting onto the net, and more importantly pictures of the pretties to buy. I won't be posting any specific rules, as I'm not interested in the specifics until I get my rule book, but I might make some comments based on some things I've read.

Obviously, I'm not at LnL myself, so none of these photo's or video's are my own. I'll try and credit the source where possible, but please accept my apologies if I make a mistake or leave a credit out.

Anyway, onwards!!

Colossals - The Book
LnL attendees were lucky to get access to a swath of pre-releases, including the Colossals book. We now have a decent idea of the contents of the book, and I'm quite happy with what's on offer. Each faction gets a new warcaster (Epic3 Nemo, Asphyxious, Vlad, Kreoss; Epic2 Vyros and a new Mercenary Dwarf), their faction Colossal and we get a write up for Epic Alexia. As well as the write ups, we also get a comprehensive painting guide for large models, the full and updated rules for Unbound, as well as a truck load of fluff!

While this release sees a significant reduction in the number of models, this is a decision PP took to help with the play test of Colossals, as well as allow Hordes to catch up with the options available. I applaud their decision, as does my wallet! I've got a massive list of things I want as it is, this way I might actually make a dent in it.

Asphyxious and Vociferon
With the Kraken already spoiled, its is Gaspy3 who I was particularly looking forward to seeing, and he doesn't disappoint.
Kreoss Banner

Not only does he get an upgrade, he gets a minion to go around with him!

As a future release we've been promised Bane Cavalry. I've not been a fan of the Soul Hunter miniatures, but I've a big fan of Bane's so am hoping for some nice cavalry soon.

Unfortunately it seems like Menoth once again gets the short end of the stick when it comes to previews. It seems that their Colossal or Warcaster models wasn't for show at the show, and I'm not sure if they appear in the book. However, I have found this picture of Kreoss3. There are implications that Menoth will get some light cavelry in the future, however no concept art to be found.

Not many previews for Cygnar, mainly because both of their models were on sale! However in the staff panel they talked about light cavalry for Warmachine factions, and Cygnar's are going to be Gun Mages.

Epic 3 Vlad
Similarly to Cygnar, most of Khador's releases for Colossals were on sale at LnL. I did find this nice photo of Vlad3 though (from Lost Hemisphere).

Staff panel talked about Greylord Outriders the Khadoran light cavalry unit, as well as an Iron Fang Kovnik solo.

The Hyperion, in a half painted state. I like the look of it, and am looking forward to seeing the fully painted version. In the staff panel were some concept art for a new unit that Eiryss3 will be the unit attachment for. Sounds intriguing.


The next Hordes book will be a full release book, including a load of new shiney stuff! Predicted release date in 2013, but I imagine we'll have model releases before then.

To the right, you can see the concept art for the Legion's Archangel!!
There are also photo's of the model being worked on, and it looks amazing. Thankfully I have a Legion force so I don't have to come up with a poor excuse to buy one.
Legion also have to look forward to the first 120mm based warlock as Llyth3 will be mounted on a sleigh.

The staff panel talked about a new idea, Warlock units. Both Skorne and Trollbloods get an Epic3 Warlock with a couple of friends along to help. Circle look to get Morvahna on a goat.

Concept art for the Skorne and Circle warlocks were shown in the staff panel. It looks like the Skorne Mamoth is more like a massive Titan with a couple of cannons on its back. I like the sound of that.

There is lots more stuff out there, but rather than copy other people's work, I'll post some links. - The guy's at Lost Hemisphere have recorded the staff panel and put it online. Well worth a look, as it includes the slideshow as well as info on Level 7. - Lost Hemisphere again, but they've got a nice selection of photo's from the 'con. - The official No Quarter Blog. Some more great pictures, as well as info on the tournaments that occurred.