Friday, 10 February 2012

Colossals are Coming

This is a little later than I wanted to post, I'm recovering from a rather annoying cold type bug.

Anyway, last weekend was Templecon, a massive Steampunk convention over in the US. Typically, Privateer Press was there, and previewed what we can expect from them over the coming year.

Coming July 2012
Yes, the almighty Colossals are coming!

*Disclaimer: I was not at Templecon, all the following information has been gathered from forum posts and blogs of those that did.  All thoughts and opinions however are my own.

For those that don't know the Iron Kingdoms setting well, Colossal Warjacks were the original warjack creations and were used to drive off the Orgoth from Immorean. They were massive weapons platforms that required a team of Warcasters to control, and could lay waste to whole armies on their own. From these the modern, smaller, warmachines were developed, and now, taking things full circle, Colossals have been redesigned. These new type Colossals, while smaller than their predecessors, are less resource intensive to make/run, are more mobile, as well as only needing one Warcaster to control them.

Each of the Warmachine factions (including Mercenaries) will get a new type Colossal, and in a video released at the weekend PP previewed the Khador and Cygnar ones.
Cygnar: Stormwall
Khador: Conquest

Both are in resin, and tower above the heavy warjacks they are posed with. Check out the video for some great shots so you can see the size of them for yourself.

From information provided both at Templecon, and later on the Privateer Press forums, these models will cost between 18 and 20 points each, are part of your warcaster's battlegroup and have 2 new special power attacks they can make. That means they will benefit from battlegroup spells and effects and able to be allocated and use focus. In short, makes them awesome.
Menoth: Judicator

I've read both on PP's forums and on private blogs some people questioning the "need" to release Colossals. Some have even, disingenuously implied that this is an under the table attempt to push the size of battles up in order to sell more miniatures, a move compared to another games companies tactics.

Cryx: Kraken
I do wonder if these people are paying attention to PPs previous release history. Each new unit type introduced from Ranking Officers to Battle Engines, has worked to broaden the game, not push it to higher power levels. I'm not saying there aren't some powerful units out there, but there are no "I win" units with some of the weakest units finding a place in some army lists.

Colossals are going to be powerful units, otherwise they wouldn't be worth that many points. But surely creating armies to face off against them is what makes this game fun. 

If nothing else, these are going to be awesome centrepiece models for your armies. If you are playing Warmachine then you must love giant stompy steam powered robots, and these are going to be GIANT steam powered stompy robots. Its all win!

Retribution: Hyperion
Personally, I'm looking forward to at minimum getting hold of the army book! I've still not been able to justify purchasing one of the Battle Engines as I don't play large enough games, but I hope the Colossals inspires my gaming group to up the power level a bit.

 Of course, not only will we be getting Colossals in the next book, but also the third incarnation of some of the Warcasters. I can't wait to see what over the top models Privateer creates for them.

Is this a teaser for Hordes Colossals, I think so!