Thursday, 31 January 2013

On The Painting Table - January

I'm going to go back to monthly on these, and I'm classing my last post as a round up!

Shockingly, I have more finished models, although to be fair these have been half done previously.

 My Warmonger Warchief again, for the reason I've got him based!

Inspired by the snow outside, I've finally experimented with creating a snow base. I always planned to use this sort of theme for my Legion, but you know what I'm like with my basing.

Anyway, I think it worked well, although I need to perfect the snow mix as it was a little more fluid than I wanted, and I lost a little bit of detail.

Undead Pirates are one of the things that drew me to Cryx in the first place, so Captain Rengrave is a must.

The wood deck base is the same type as I've created for my Satyxis, and that I'll eventually base the Revenent Crew onto. Onto a smooth layer of Green Stuff/Milliput I score a deck pattern out, and leave to dry. Brown painted, wash and a quick dry brush and they are done.

Finally, I can field the evil that is the Widow Shadow Combine!

Cryx's 3-man character unit, these should fit in nicely with my other Lich characters.

They all also have their names painted on the backs of the bases to remind me which Lich is which.

Sharp eyed readers will also notice I've put some arc marks on them. It has taken me long enough, but I'll be slowly going through the back catalogue and making sure they are all marked up for play.

Looking forward, I want to get my Satyxis finished off at last, hopefully I can get the scheme looking how I want. I've also got some random models I'm working on to keep some variety.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

On The Painting Table

I've not talked about my painting for a while, mainly because I hit a bit of a wall after making a big noise.
I started November with a selection of models and a challenge to myself to get as many painted as I could. Turns out November was the worst month to pick, for a variety of reasons. Needless to say, I failed dismally. Even worse, the only model I did finish was a present and I didn't even take a photo of it!
Between then an now, I have managed to get some done though, and given the shear volume of lead I got for Christmas I need to get moving with the painting. Here is a rundown of my efforts!

Tyrant Xerxis
Tyrant Xerxis
Khorne Beserker
Khorne Beserker
Warmonger War Chief
Warmonger War Chief
Skorne Agoniser
Machine Wraith
Machine Wraith
Gorman DeWulff
Gorman DeWulff
As you will notice, I’m slipping on my basing again. I’ve yet to develop what I want to use on the Legion models (I want a snowy base, but am not yet confident to do it), the Skorne one was a test, and the random models are for fun only.
I’ve also now got a much clearer painting station thanks to the Christmas Present of a paint rack. I’m currently working through a few of the models that are currently part painted, so hopefully have another update soon.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Looking Ahead–Tabletop Gaming

An attempt at a new start, I'm going to look forward into the new year and talk about some of the things that spark my interest. First up, gaming, primarily tabletop RPGs and war games

Top of my list has to be the new releases from Privateer Press. March sees the anticipated release of Gargantuans source book, where Hordes finally receive their furious counterparts to the Colossals. The previews are looking amazing, I can't wait for an excuse to buy a Mammoth and Archangel. The book promises to bring the Hordes factions closer in model choice to their Warmachine counterparts, and of course move the story forward

Coming next year as well will come further sourcebooks for the Iron Kingdoms RPG and a selection of novels set in the world. I’m a little nervous about the novels, as they are not written by regular PP fluff writers, but I hold out hope. If these go well, we might finally get the fiction anthology from the old rule books that people have been asking for.

2013 looks ready to see the return of a number of new editions of classic RPG lines. Onyx Path prepare to bring back Exalted in a brand new edition. I'm a long standing Exalted fan, but found 2nd edition just a little too broken for my liking. With an overhaul of the mechanics, this promises to be a new start for this game line.

The third 20th Anniversary deluxe edition of Classic World Of Darkness game lines will be Mage, and Vampire and Werewolf will all see further source books released to support their Anniversary editions. I’ve got my Werewolf Deluxe edition sorted, and will be backing Mage for the complete set. Not sure how many of the source books I’ll get, as like most people I have a large supporting collection already.

I’m also frustrated that most of these books will only be available on PoD via DrivethruRPG. While I understand the logic behind why they are publishing this way, I would like to support my LGS by buying from a shop.

Catalyst Labs promise us 5th Edition Shadowrun to celebrate the world surviving the end of the Mayan calendar. Shadowrun was my first RPG, but I have been disappointed with recent editions, or just maybe it's lost it's magic now we've caught up with the future. I'll keep an eye on this one, but it won't be on my purchase on release list.

Games Workshop continue their relentless release schedule as normal. While I'm out of the game, so to speak, I look forward to the pending Dark Angels release. I may even break my embargo on GW products to pick up a few of the models to include in my rather large and dust gathering army. If the rumour mill is correct 2013 will also see a plethora of new Tau releases, thus potentially being an expensive year!

Moving to a less mainstream game, we have been promised new releases to support Dropzone Commander. At the moment I am finding it tough to advance my forces with the limited selection of models available at the moment. Hopefully these releases will give me the tools I feel I need.